Peugeot unveils the HR1 concept, at the Paris Motor Show, that will be inserted in the new compact crossover segment, first introduced by Nissan with the Juke’s unveil and revived recently by many car manufacturers. The Peugeot HR1 has really compact measures (length 3.69 mt) and has two electric gull-wing opening doors to favourite accessibility to the vehicle in all situations as tight parking spaces or small garages, while a roof rails system that serve as pivot for opening the tailgate gives a practical way, made of a single smoked glass part. We find also some of the latest details of the Peugeot style, like the concept car SR1 and a double curvature of the rear window style RCZ. Inside we find driver/ passenger seats separated by a center console, futuristic design and illuminated by light diode. The light is transmitted through two electrochromatic windows areas . The instrumentation permits to select the desired information and is completed by the Head-up display, in front of the passenger there’s a portable PC, completely removable.

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The HR1 Concept, comes with the HYbrid4 Peugeot system which should  combine the internal combustion engine with a rear electric engine. This system allows a four-wheel drive eco-friendly to moving at low speed with zero emissions. The engine is a new gasoline 3-cylinder 1.2-liter with 110 hp, the electric motor is the synchronous type with permanent magnets of 27 kW-37 CV, the total power is 147 hp. The vehicle is managed from a 6-speed manual transmission, with traditional lever and paddle on the steering wheel. The suspension predicts a MacPherson front and a rear torsion bar. As for consumption, the brand declares 3.5 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle, with emissions of 80 g /km of CO2, the range in electric mode is only 2.5 km. The HR1 on the market is still being evaluated, but the huge potential of the car and Peugeot heavy investments on Research makes this possible.


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