At 2010 EICMA Moto Show in Milan, Piaggio Group has presented the Concept NT3, a minicar designed to meet the mobility needs of the emerging areas of the world like Vietnam, Southeast Asia and India. Currently, the three-wheel Piaggio has great success in these areas and is used for all purposes, including as a taxi, with the new model will compete with Tata Nano, and the tuk tuk, which arise, not as coincidence, from the APE Piaggio. The Piaggio Concept Nt3 2010 has four wheels and shoud be produced from 2012.

Small as ‘Vespa’: The Concept of NT3 Piaggio is 2.4 meters long, 1.5 wide and 1.6 meters high to move easily through the chaotic asian traffic and can get parking easily.

Two versions: The design is modern and featured in variants closed (with doors) and open at low-cost version equipped with the bare minimum. This should be for emerging markets like India. In common to both is the configuration of the passenger seats:  the Nt3 can accommodate three passengers, the driver in a central position and two rear reclining seats to load even bulky objects.

Hybrid engine: The Piaggio engines that could be taken if this NT3 are three, two of which derived from those already used on the Piaggio MP3, ranging from 20 hp 0,2 liter engine of the low cost version, the most refined unit of 0,3 liter 22.5 hp and hybrid 0,3 whose  performance are similar to the standard 0,3 version – 80 km/h top speed and 30 km/h using only electric ZEV mode.


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