Renault Frendzy a concept electric with dual personality

Renault Frendzy Concept anticipates the future Kangoo design.


The Renault Kangoo could be replaced in the future by the Renault Frendzy, the new electric concept that, together with other concepts such as A-Space, Capture and Zoe, anticipate what will be the new design style of the French brand. The prototype will be presented at the next Frankfurt Motor Show (15-25 September).

Split personality of the Renault Frendzy Concept.

The design of the Renault Frendzy stands for the new front with both framed grille and headlights. The car is 4.09 meters long, 2.17 wide and 1.74 high with a large trunk and 2,250 liters, while has the weight of 1,420 kg. An interesting detail of this futuristic MPV is the suicide opening of the right rear door, while the one on the left side slides. In essence, according to Laurens van den Acker, Design Director of the French company, Renault Frendzy designers plays a car with asymmetric personality, such as the Hyundai Veloster, a business environment for the passenger and a familiar one for driver.

The Renault Frendzy made for business and family.

Although this prototype has been designed for business, the Frendzy wants to show, starting right from the asymmetrical design of the body, to be very versatile and to be a vehicle suitable for families.
The “double face” of the Renault Frendzy is demonstrated by the technology solutions available, including an external screen, which can display useful information and advertising messages that appear both when the vehicle is parked or in motion.

Over the weekend, however, Renault Frendzy becomes a vehicle suited to the needs of a family, thanks to the large and comfortable passenger seat and the retractable rear sofa. In addition, a tablet comes out of the driver’s seat to play a game or watch a movie and for Kids there is also a blackboard which is integrated on the sliding door. One more featuring detail are the external mirrors that in work mode are vertical combined with the interior green lighting, otherwise if the family is on board the mirrors rotate in a horizontal position and the interior lightning in orange. The futuristic description of the Renault Frendzy Concept is completed by the canvas roof, which its soft structure fits large objects.

The motor of the Renault Frendzy Concept.

This electric car has a 60 hp electric motor and 226 Nm of torque powered by lithium-ion battery, while the charging plug is at the front of the vehicle, below the grille. The Renault Frendzy Concept gets a top speed of 130 km/h.

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