Renault R-Space Concept the future of MPVs

Renault R-Space Concept is a sports MPV with attractive design, efficient propulsion and the goal of being a family car that does not give up power. Renault R-Space is 4.25 meters long – just under the Renault Scenic X-Mod – but with futuristic lines .

This prototype shows the new front logo which will distinguish all upcoming Renault. As for the latest prototypes at the Geneva Motor Show, the R-Space does not have the center pillar to help doors to fold up to a roomy and ultra modern cockpit, whose back is conceived as a play space for children. Here there aren’t classic seats, but a kind of sofa where you can sit for playing video games watching the screens in front headrests.

The engine is three-cylinder 900 cc turbo direct injection from Energy TCe Concept which on the Renault R-Space anticipates TCe modular range of power units for sale in 2012. The power is 110 hp and top torque of 160 Nm, fuel consumption 3.7 l/100 km (95 g / km CO2), the top speed is 200 km/h and to reach 100 km/h starting from standstill, it takes 11 seconds. Among technical details of this 3-cylinder are spark plugs with radio-frequency to increase the volume of the spark for best combustion. Other specific systems just introduced are the latest diesel technology EGR Boost which recovers the exhaust gases after passing through the turbine, cooling them and convoy in the combustion chamber, where dilute the air-fuel mixture. Renault R-Space is combined with a clutch torque EDC transmission and wheels fits 245/35 R 21 tyres.

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