Renault Twizy urban mobility mini-car prices unveiled

Renault Twizy is the new electric city car which wants to revolutionize urban mobility. The main festures of this mini-cars are so unconventional to need a bit of time to be explained first and then understood by potential buyers such as car drivers or bikers. It ‘s a very compact vehicle, 100% electric, created for two people who can move indoors without using a helmet and, above all, without polluting emissions. Compared to a scooter, in addition, this electric city car has four wheels, steering wheel, pedals and a wraparound cockpit which can accommodate two passengers horizontally. At the public eyes this means mainly two things: good balance and safety.

Aesthetically Renault Twizy stands out  by a rounded body, protruding wheels, opening up doors, windshield and roof incorporated as a large glazed surface. In addition, Twizy can be customized with special graphic details.

Renault Twizy is equipped with an electric motor by 15 kW (20 hp) and develops a torque of 57 Nm. The 7 kWh lithium-ion battery – located under the front seat – provides a range of 55 to 115 km, depending on driving mode: eco-driving, normal driving, sports and  traffic conditions (dense, fluid) which are the main factors that affect real range. Twizy is recharged in 3 hours and 30 minutes on a household outlet, thanks to the spiral cable placed in the compartment door, in front of the vehicle. There are also various adapters, to connect Twizy to any type of charging station, public or private.

Renault since a few days has announced the prices of this electric city car: € 6,850 is the average for Twizy in the European market, where bookings are already open on the site www.renault and first cars will be available later this year.

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