Rinspeed BamBoo concept by artist Jamez Rizzi

At the next Geneva Motor Show, scheduled for March 2011, Rinspeed will present its model “Bamboo “, a concept which owes its name to being realized with the use of bamboo fiber (material completely re-evaluated in last few months!) for their interiors. The Bamboo was designed with the contribution of American pop artist James Rizzi, who also decorated the canvas roof and has affixed his “signature”, a stylized bird, on the central pillar.

Bamboo is one four-seater electric car that looks like a revised Méhari and in addition to natural materials combines the image of a convertible to drive in the mundane city streets. The unusual model reflects car’s style of  ’60s – ’70, and has a distinctive design: there are no side windows but only a soft top and front windshield.

The motor with 54 kW (77 hp) and 140 Nm should speed the car from rest to 50 km / h in 4.7 seconds, is not very fast, but the model is designed for leisure and vacation. The founder of Rinspeed, Frank M. Rinderknecht,  said the bamboo can be produced as small edition – with electric motor or traditional – just to be rented in holiday resorts.

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