Seat unveils the Mii, one more city car based on the VW up!

Seat Mii is going to complete a group of three new supermini including the Skoda Citigo and Volkswagen Up!

Seat will launch the Mii in the Spanish market later this year, but in rest of Europe customers will have to wait until spring 2012 before they can order the citycar. The Mii shares the same basic design of sisters Citigo and Vw Up! to be the sportiest and most youthful of the trio.

Design and Equipment Packages on the Mii.

The Mii it’s 3550 mm in length, and will be sold just as a three-door at first, while a five-door variant should comes in the second part of 2012. The 2420mm wheelbase stretches both axle out to the extremities to offer maximum room onboard, while the boot features 251 litres which became 951 with the seats folded. The supermini Seat Mii will be offered with two trim level called Chic and Sport, proposing diverse colour combinations and alloy wheels. The first version gets more chrome trim, while the Sport has tinted windows and specific tuned suspension for road-holding. Like sisters models from Skoda and VW , the new little Seat comes with City Safety Assist laser system which can anticipate an imminent collision and automatically brakes on to avoid crashing at speeds below 29 Km/h. To complete the standard options will be offered a portable dashboard-mounted sat-nav which operate also as infotainment, Bluetooth connection and an on-board computer, while an Eco function provides information and tips on economical driving.

Seat Mii engine choice

It will be fitted with an brand new 1-litre petrol powerplant, with either 59 or 74 hp, which is not a lot of power but weighing just 854 kg, the compact car promises excellent emissions and economy, with 97g/km of CO2 for the Ecomotive edition thanks to start-stop. Later, maybe in 2013, is expected a methane version with 86g/km of CO2.

Seat Mii Pictures

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