Skoda Citigo is new minicar for the city just unveiled

2012 Skoda Citigo Compact Minicar.

Designed to be a city car just as its sister, the Volkswagen up!, the Citigo set to be a product of a collection of new city cars Skoda together with each other called ‘New Small Family’, which will be a main thing of Skoda’s ambitious growth plans. The urban cruiser is 3560 mm long, 1650 mm wide,1480 mm high and stands 1.48 m tall. Luggage capacity is 251 liters for the boot/trunk which can be expanded to 951 liters with the rear seats folded down.

The Citigo Design.

The Citigo, which features a grille set in chrome-plated frame, will come out first as a three-door hatch while a five-door variant is expected later in 2012. The Skoda citycar’s styling combines its existing lines from the Fabia with the look of its fresh MissionL concept car. Although the car maker claims a 2420mm wheelbase the compact car offers enough interior space for four passengers on long trips. Interior kit includes a portable five-inch touchscreen sat-navigator, Bluetooth and various storage compartments. The 2012 Citigo will also offers the new Skoda’s brake assistance program for collision protection.

Standard and Economical Engines on the Skoda Citigo.

The Citigo is will be offered with two all-new 1.0 liter three-cylinder petrol engines, with an output respectively of 60 hp (105g/km of CO2) and 75 hp (108g/km). Highly fuel economical versions under the Green Tec flag will also be available: The 60 hp Green Tec will return 97g/km of CO2, while the 75 hp powertrain will boast 99g/km. Skoda Citigo will be available with both manual and automatic transmission.

The car goes on sale this year in its domestic Czech market while marketing in the rest of Europe will begin next summer months in 2012.The Czech company wants to hit a 1.5 million cars sold per year by 2018, up from the 762,600 it sold in 2010. Some authority sources suggesting a price of the Skoda Citigo set at around € 8,500.

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