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TomTom Paradise Island

Explore and map five paradise islands to earn 10,000 euros.

TomTom is the world leader amongst GPS navigation software product and services for personal digital assistants called PDAs, Pocket PCs, Palm products,and some smartphones on the market. Early last month, the firm presented an exclusive program “Map Paradise Project” which aims to give a chance to five groups of people to spend two weeks on a tropical island. They have to mapping the territory and earn 10,000 euros each, the equivalent of about $12,500.

Map Paradise Project is similar to the one Google uses for its Street-view-project. This means members have to drive the car around the island. Each car, given to each group of persons, is equipped with a specific navigation system that will map the territory while driving.

Participants can choose any of the included beautiful island like St. Lucia, Mauritius, Fiji, Seychelles or Cape Verde. Adventurers will also be credited for the expenses of the entire trip. TomTom said that no mapping knowledge is necessary, however it is more than expected a precedent enjoyed land exploration and a great skill with orientation in space.

The Map Paradise Project requires a minimum of one driver per group. Each group of players (maximum five members), can submit an application to join this amazing project but must be residents from one of the following countries: US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil, Finland, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa or Ireland.

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