SSC Tuatara born to beat the Veyron Super Sport record

My Name Is SSC Tuatara, proudly to built in the USA.



Tuatara is the new supercar built and just unveiled by Shelby SuperCars, the American carmaker became famous for having built another supercar, the SSC Ultimate Aero which was the world’s fastest production car before the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The name Tuatara comes from a reptile found in New Zealand and as the Americans reported, this animal has a DNA subject to the faster life evolution among creatures.

The story of the record before the arrival of the SSC Tuatara.

In 2007 Shelby was building his Ultimate Aero, a fireball that had beaten the first Veyron thanks to 1,183 hp and 1,488 Nm pushing the supercar up to 412 km/h. Today, the SSC Tuatara, initially called Ultimate Aero II, wants to bring back at home the speed record and to do it focuses on the 1,350 hp against 1,200 hp of the Veyron Super Sport. To aim for the prestigious award, Koenisegg has also presented its Agera at the last Geneva Motor Show, limited to 375 km/h but according to the Swedish carmaker, empowered to hit 420 km/h. Finally, it was the Bugatti reaching 434 km/h on the test track of VW Group in Ehra-Lessien. The official record has been approved but at 431 km/h, based on the average value obtained from go and return on 9 km straight.

SSC Tuatara: hidden performance.

The SSC Tuatara shows a GM V8 engine by 7-liter with two turbines combined with a 7-speed sequential transmission. The little information that we know are about the power and the use of carbon fiber for the frame and wheels, while the awaited performance have not yet been disclosed. From some leaks of the American company, it seems that the SSC Tuatara points to reach 443 km/h.

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