Subaru XV Concept new generation of crossover vehicle

Subaru has unveiled a new prototype at the recent motor show in Shanghai, the XV concept, a crossover that represents the new philosophy called “Protren,” a term that indicates, for the Japanese automaker, the merger of “professional tool” and “trendy design” with the purpose to create a vehicle with features of small SUV, wagon and with sporty character.

DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY: the show car brought to the Chinese exhibition stands for the livery tint “Electro Yellowgreen”  and the lack of mirrors, replaced with very thin cameras. The Protren style of  Subaru XV concept takes the shapes of a crossover, enriched by massive wheel arches, prominent bumpers, roof rails and flashy 19 ” alloy wheels with 245/45 tires. The XV concept is 4.45 Mt long, 1 , 8 wide and 1.62 high with a wheelbase of 2.635,  it means a little larger and high than Impreza. A luminous cockpit with large glass roof, is covered with white leather and featured by three separate screens, each of which is dedicated to different functions such as audio, navigation and the onboard computer. Through another LCD screen embedded in the instruments panel, you can watch the images by the front camera. Among facilities there is also the driving assistance system Eyesight.

ENGINE: The engine is 2.0 liter 4-cylinder dual overhead cam, combined with a CVT continuously variable automatic transmission and the four-wheel drive. Up now, Subaru XV concept is just a show car, but it is likely that a production version should arrive on sale in 2012.

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