BMW M4 Review


The first major Auto Show of the year is already underway in the US. The Detroit Auto Show, held in the heart of Motor City, has already commenced giving a first look at a […]



You have to kind of pity the poor team tasked with redesigning and revamping the BMW M3. Throughout the process the old mantra ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ will probably be engrained […]

2014 BMW 2 Series Coupe


Blues Brothers 2000, Son of the Mask and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Three very forgettable examples which highlight how the follow-up to an original success is not always guaranteed to achieve similar highs. And […]

Are perceptions of hybrid cars beginning to change?


Although they’re seen as a very recent innovation, hybrid cars (normally gas engines with electric motors) were actually first invented all the way back in 1900 by the man who went on to found […]

BMW – AOL Travel Announced The Great British Drives Channel


The German car manufacturer in partnership with AOL Travel have just launched the Great British Drives, an exciting new channel. Ignore the famous Amalfi Coastline in Italy or the French Riviera, you can exploring […]

How to Find Rare BMW Accessories

bmw accessories

Decking out your BMW with the latest accessories shouldn’t cost you an extravagant amount. And that’s not even considering accessories that are no longer made or are intended for older models. Locating rare or […]

BMW Zagato Coupe Revealed At Italian Design Award


Amazing hand-built BMW in Italy at Villa d‘Este Concours. BMW has just unveiled on its  BMW’s Design Facebook page the first teaser of a new concept car designed by Zagato. This is the first […]