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2012 Chevrolet Orlando comes with a 1.8-L Bi-fuel

2012 chevrolet orlando

2012 Chevrolet Orlando bi-fuel petrol /LPG.   One of the news expected next year is the 2012 Chevrolet Orlando that will have a 4-cylinder engine by 141 hp 1.8-L bi-fuel petrol/LPG. Updates to the […]


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General Motors led, at Paris motor show, the new Chevrolet Orlando, compact crossover, after exactly two years from the Chevrolet Orlando concept debut. This is a car that combines a minivan’s spaciousness (seats up to seven passengers) with the SUV’s look, slightly raised body, and which enshrines the debut of the American manufacturer in the segment. The new Orlando, in fact, is the first Chevrolet to debut in the …