2011 BMW 6-SERIES CONVERTIBLE -what a surprise!

official image 2011 bmw 6-series convertibleThe new BMW 6-Series Convertible has been unveiled recently by the german’s carmaker, with details of the luxury 2+2 seats, but did not announce prices, which will be announced later. The standard version should arrive in dealerships in spring 2011. Contrary to what usually happens, this time is first convertible version to be presented, which is usually made after the coupe version, which however has already been …

NISSAN MURANO CrossCabriolet

official image Nissan-murano-cabrioletNissan Murano CrossCabriolet is the first example in auto history of SUV-Cabriolet fusion. There aren’t panoramic roof, roll-bars or struts: this is a genuine cabriolet, derived from the same platform as the Murano “closed”, but with canvas roof and a windscreen only to separate occupants from the outside. Certainly, the new model is inspired by BMW X6 success, the first experiment of SUV-coupe, which is having a good success …


At Los Angeles Motor Show debuts Chevrolet Camaro convertible version, on sale in the U.S. market in next February. The Camaro is one of the icons of American sports cars, very popular and achieved success among the public since 1967. 100 units limited edition of Camaro convertible had already been sold on the web for $ 75,000, the standard version instead will cost much less: the entry price is about $ 30,000, which then will have charges