Honda Fights Back – Part 2


Ayrton Senna was a Honda engineers dream. ‘His brain could simulate all the operations on the track, such as rpm, gear position, braking point and steering, with an error of less than a hundredth […]

Honda CRZ- A Glimpse of the Future

honda crz 2014

Ok, so let’s play game a game of word association, Honda…go….I bet most people thought reliability, practicality, civic, Type R, low insurance…. well yes but now add to that a sports Hybrid. Honda in […]

Honda Civic Type R trials show promise


Honda has revealed details of the eagerly-awaited new Civic Type R. On-track testing has already started and the model still faces another two years of development before going on sale. Last year the Japanese […]

2012 Honda Civic promises greater efficiency without compromising performance

2012 honda_civic

The New Honda Civic development The third generation for Europe of the family car Honda Civic shows the front and rear evolutionary styling. The 2012 Honda Civic promises a better driving experience than the […]

2012 Honda CR-V compact crossover gets redesigned


2012 Honda CR-V with evolutionary re-design. After some photos leaks, Honda has introduced the fourth-generation 2012 CR-V that has been unveiled at the 2011 Los Angeles auto show. Even if its debut wasn’t a […]

2011 Honda Jazz unveils its Hybrid version


Honda Jazz, the original MPV for the town, is now revised in aesthetic and some functional content. The 2011 version is not so different, but with refined aesthetic solutions which include a new front […]

HONDA BRIO unveiled to asian market

official photo 2011 honda brioAt the Thailand International Motor Expo 2010 which takes place on Decembere 1-12, Honda has introduced the minicar Brio, small A-segment car anticipated by prototype “New Small Concept” at the beginning of the Exhibition in New Delhi this year. The small Honda Brio was born for Asian markets and is expected to debut on Thai and Indian markets in 2011. We do not know any marketing opportunities for Europe, but if the new Nissan Micra is also available in old continent …