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Honda Fights Back – Part 2


Ayrton Senna was a Honda engineers dream. ‘His brain could simulate all the operations on the track, such as rpm, gear position, braking point and steering, with an error of less than a hundredth […]

Are perceptions of hybrid cars beginning to change?


Although they’re seen as a very recent innovation, hybrid cars (normally gas engines with electric motors) were actually first invented all the way back in 1900 by the man who went on to found […]

Eco Friendly Green Cars and the fall in Motoring Revenue

green cars

Corporate responsibility and environmentally sustainable initiatives have long been published, scrutinized and debated by the public and media. How can we remain economically competitive and lower our footprint on the planet, what are the […]

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid To Double Toyota’s Profits


New or used, the Camry looks fairly strongly recommended especially for the remarkable longevity and comfortable ride|experience. The sedan will carry on to command the niche in midsize family sedan segment nearly all of […]

Lexus GS 450h Hybrid: 120 Hearth Beats In A Video


An Hybrid car may not necessary mean just fuel efficiency, eco friendly and lack of performance. The new Lexus GS is a dynamic and sporty luxury hybrid model that can prove what just said. […]

Fisker Atlantic the Luxury Plug-in Hybrid Sedan


Fisker Atlantic a small Karma. The luxurious Fisker Atlantic sedan, comes to satisfy the company’s aspirations to manufacture a electric four-door car that will challenge the famous BMW 5-series. The codenamed Fisker Nina comes after […]

BMW i8 Spyder Concept close to a production car


BMW i8 Spyder not just a dreamed supercar. This BMW i8 Spyder concept will have a production variant of the petrol-electric hybrid supercar in 2014. Pricing is gonna be approximately £85,000. The third concept […]