Opel Corsa OPC

Opel Corsa OPC Nurburgring Edition with 210 hp


Despite the Opel Corsa OPC is one of the most powerful cars in its class, thanks to its 1.6-liter turbo 192 hp, folks of the Opel Performance Center have decided to go further by […]


offical photo 2011 opel corsa opcThe Opel Corsa OPC has a slight facelift: the model, launched in 2007 and sold in 13,000 units to date, has not changed in its engine, the 1.6 turbo with 192 hp and 265 Nm in overboost mode, but has received a number of improvements that have aged a few important aspects. Evil look: Opel Corsa OPC shows dynamism and “badness”, thanks to an eye-catching yellow color Sunny Melon to 18″ wheels (optional) with 225/35 tires and many ..