Official Photo 2012 Mercedes CLS
Mercedes has released, while was the official launch at the Paris Motor Show, new images of the CLS, its renewed four-door coupe that will go on sale across Europe from next January. The first generation was successful in sales with the 60% of buyers coming from different brands. The new Mercedes CLS four-door coupe and four-seater brings with its evolution: technology, engines, transmission …


photo 2011 peugeot 508 sedanThe Peugeot 508 official images were released just today, it will be presented to the public at the Paris Motor Show, scheduled for late September and the marketing of both versions, sedan (4.79 m) station wagon (4.81 m), will start in early 2011.
The style is inspired by the concept of SR1, shown at this year’s Geneva Motor Show: The four-door notchback sedan is a pretty streamlined car, does not upset the typical’s brand french style. The dashboard looks linear, rather…