Terrafugia Transition first flying car ahead production

Terrafugia Transition, when a dream come true.

After some flight’s test, the Terrafugia Transition took another major step toward production. We’re talking about a street-legal airplane just unveiled with its last generation model at the New York motor show. The ‘Hermaphrodite vehicle’ can be driven like a car or fly like a plane and take more than 8 minute flight at 1,450 feet.

CEO and co-founder, Carl Dietrich, said: “With this flight, the company demonstrated an ability to accomplish what always had been known as an impossible dream. We look forward to continuing to show that the difficulties of bringing a practical street legal airplane to market can be overcome.”

The half-car and half-airplane moves with a rear-drive transmission powered by a 100bhp Rotax 912S engine. The prototype has been designed to be switched from car to plane, or the other way around, with its wings extending or folding out at the touch of a button in under 30 minutes. The vehicle maker claims it folds small more than enough to fit in a standard garage (watch video below). The total weight is 650kg. Performance’s numbers are still not available.

Terrafugia Transition close to a production.

Terrafugia is hoping to put the car on the market sometime within the next year. It is also planned to keep on advancement and meet aircraft safety standards.

While there is no an official production date at present, around 100 people have already made a deposit of $10,000 to get the Terrafugia Transition when it will goes on sale. The flying car is expected to be on sale around £250,000.

Terrafugia Transition Pictures

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Terrafugia Transition Video


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