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The Jeep Grand Cherokee: A solid choice for a SUV

The Jeep Grand Cherokee: A solid choice for a SUV

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular sports SUVs on the market. With sleek styling, a powerful engine, comfortable interior and a great price point, it’s not difficult to see why the Grand Cherokee has captured the hearts and minds of car owners all over the world. With excellent build quality and reliability, a used Jeep Grand Cherokee is also a fantastic option for shoppers looking to purchase an inexpensive sports SUV. The Grand Cherokee is available with two different types of engines – a 4×2 front wheel drive and a 4×4 all wheel drive. This article will take a closer look at the 4×4 all wheel drive model and its off-road capabilities.

Off-road performance

Many of the Grand Cherokee’s rivals in the 4×4 market perform well on the roads, but fail off them; their manufacturers made the decision to focus on on-road performance at the expense of off-road performance. The Grand Cherokee, however, is an adaptable vehicle, performing just as well off the roads as it does on them and puts the Cherokee at another level when it comes to SUVs and their offroad ability.

The four wheel drive system is grippy and functional, gracing the Grand Cherokee with excellent grip when driving off-road. The wheels are capable of finding traction in the mud and the dirt, and they are also able to find a great deal of grip on grassy and sandy surfaces.

The Grand Cherokee also features a high ground clearance, which is essential for scaling hills and other obstacles.

The Grand Cherokee is also equipped with best in class safety features that ensure that passengers inside the vehicle are safe, just in case any accidents occur while driving off-road. Airbags and re-inforced frames comes as standard, with roll cages available as an optional extra.

Dakar rally

The Dakar rally is the most gruelling off-road race in the world. Hundreds of drivers partake in the race, travelling thousands of miles across some of the most difficult terrain known to man.

A number of drivers have chosen the Grand Cherokee as their racing vehicle, which is a testament to the Grand Cherokee’s great off-road performance.

Off-road mods

The Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular cars for modders, with a growing community of Grand Cherokee owners producing a variety of useful aftermarket mods.

One of the easiest ways to mod the Grand Cherokee is to change the tyres. The Grand Cherokee ships with 20-21” tyres as standard, but the large wheel base is capable of using wheels up to 24” in size. A number of tyres designed specifically for off-road use can be purchased from Grand Cherokee modders.

The Grand Cherokee’s suspension can also be tweaked to improve off-road performance. Improving the ground clearance and the off-road stability of the Grand Cherokee is a simple task that most mechanics will be able to perform with ease.


Jeep’s Grand Cherokee is a sleek, attractive and comfortable car that is as capable off the roads as it is on them. The Grand Cherokee is the perfect buy for drivers seeking a high performance sports SUV for their off-road adventures. Likewise, for shoppers looking to purchase a second hand 4×4, a used Jeep Grand Cherokee deserves a place at the top of any shortlist. The excellent reliability and build quality ensures that a pre-owned Grand Cherokee will be just as good as a brand new one.

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