Tony Hawks discovers Birmingham in an associate Kia video commercial

Comic Writer, Musician and Philanthropist Tony Hawks discovers that he’s missing whole lot more to Birmingham than he expected. In this Daily Telegraph’s commercial video for Kia, Tony Hawks visits Birmingham with lovely parks, exquisite food and a blooming arts scenario.

Tony Hawks is {impressed from the Britain’s second as he never spent enough time to visit the over 200 green parks and its famous waterways.

He discovered also a thriving arts atmosphere in the gallery of contemporary art, located in Brindleyplace. The gallery, which soon celebrates its 50th anniversary, featured works of art including all kinds of sound, photography and sculpture as well as paintings. In Brindleyplace Tony Hawks found the Crescent, an amateur theatre run mostly by volunteers.

Finally he meets Glynn Purnell, a star chef in a contemporary fine-dining restaurant and awarded Michelin star in January2009. Tony enjoyed the ultimate gourmet adventure.

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