Volkswagen Polo R WRC concept with a limited production

Volkswagen has just affirmed that the special-edition concept just-revelaled Polo R WRC is going to have a production’s plan for the 2013. The sports version has been unveiled at the Worthersee, the Austrian tuning festival that is becoming progressively popular.  As VW claims the prototype will have limited production and is an anticipation of the additional tuned small-line. Everything is confirmed to be at dealers in the next year simultaneously with the Volkswagen Polo’s gaining the access to the World Rally Championship.

New Volkswagen’s attraction Polo R WRC features an extreme design that involved the addition of a rear diffuser and a top spoiler. The badged R-WRC’s styling has been ended with a not so extreme but improved bodykit, massive alloys wheels and sports suspension.

Under the bonnet of the Polo R WRC.

The compact street-legal sport’s car will be pushed by a 2.0-litre TSI Turbocharged power unit. It has been confirmed that engine boost a 217bhp only to the front wheels, which mean of course a much more power than the hot current GTI 1.4 178bhp, but also a 9bhp more than the Golf GTI and latest hatch popular Clio 200. Although German carmaker probably would not reveal still specs about the transmission of the Polo R WRC, it is believed the existence of a double-clutch paddle box due to the lack of a manual shift lever.

Two more concept cars along  the Polo R WRC.

Alongside the Polo R WCR, Worthersee tuning show has been also the event for Volkswagen to show another two concept cars. The Golf GTI Black Dynamic and the Golf Concept White. The first one received the GTI’s engine but with a 355bhp output. It shows also a lower height from the ground, special wheels and a potent sound system with 1800W RMS. The Golf Concept White is the exact same the Golf GTI but with a Onyx White matt paint matching a dark grey 19-inch alloys.

Polo R WRC Pictures

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