VOLKSWAGEN XL1 CONCEPT 1 liter/100 Km and limited production

Volkswagen presented the concept car XL1, it’s the prototype that Volkswagen introduced two years ago in Frankfurt, able to travel one hundred kilometers with one liter of gas. The concept that will officially have a limited production, is the first car that falls below this threshold with an average consumption of 0.9 litres/100km with 24 g / km of CO2 emissions.

Many factors contributes to this remarkable achievement as the construction of carbon fiber monocoque weighing just 230 kg and made with a new patented technique known as ARTM (Advanced Resin Transfer Moulding), the aerodynamic with a drag coefficient of 0.186 and as last its propulsion system. In faxct,Volkswagen XL1 is indeed a Plug-In hybrid vehicle, already approved Euro 6 and equipped with a bi-cylinder 800 TDI with 48 hp combined with an electric engine of 27 hp and the double-clutch gearbox DSG 7-speed. The electric motor is powered by lithium ion batteries and can travel in electric mode for up to 35 km. In addition, the electric motor can be recharged while driving through thanks also for the regenerative braking system. The XL1 is capable of moving in only electric propulsion mode for 35 kilometers  (fully charged battery), simply by pressing a button on the dashboard. When working together, the turbo-diesel engine (derived from standard 4-cylinder 1.6 on Golf and Passat) and the electric motor originate 140 Nm of torque.

The XL1 is a sporty concept, highlighted by the gull-wing doors, LED headlights and rear wheel fairing. The car is 389 cm long, 167 cm wide and 116 cm high, while the wheelbase measures 222 cm. The cockpit is a two-seat and the boot is 100 liters. Regarding the performance, Volkswagen XL1 reaches 160 km/h top speed and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 11.9 seconds.

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