Volvo Launched the On-line Paparazzi Competition

The official launch of the Volvo FM is on March 19, but the brand is currently giving the European community the opportunity to capture a peek of it. A couple of unmasked trucks are traveling on an full two-week tour across the old continent. The lucky and keen observer “paparazzo” that will take the very first picture of one of them will be the first driver to test it.

More information about the Volvo FM
The Volvo FM is follows the fast renewal of Volvo Trucks’ product range with the groundbreaking innovation Volvo Dynamic Steering as one of its prominent features. The truck will be launched in Europe on March 19, but it can already be spotted on public roads as part of a competition to be the first to see the new FM.

The Volvo FM will be equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering, which combines a conventional hydraulic power steering system with an electronically regulated electric motor fitted to the steering gear. The system gives the driver effortless steering at low speeds as well as unbeatable directional stability on the open road.

To take part in the competition or to see the first images of the new Volvo FM truck, please check this video.